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For since I can remember, I have been making my very own ringtones for my mobile cellular handheld. All done via a simple yet powerful utility entitled Audacity. Why pay a bundle for a less than 30 second song when you can crop your own for free. (This is a comment not a question) Granted there are a few good ways of transporting that song onto your phone, but the one that I choose costs just as much as it does to send a pix message. (Boo I am with Verizon) This route still is much more cost effective than being suckered into the wiles of the devilish VW dictators. (I’m waiting for my contract to expire) Well, it use to be simple…
Before within the last year (some say) you use to be able to make your own ringtone, save it as an .mp3 and email it to yourself via your mobile email address (for verizon- yournumber@vzwpix.com). I have accomplished this a handful of times, until recently…Verizon sucks out more features. Now my phone (the VX8500 as it were) can play .mp3s through the removable memory stick, but now, for some reason, it cannot accept any type of audio file. This is happening all over the world. I have tried all sorts of tricks…renaming the file extension, compressing and converting to midi/qcp/wav/wma… in return, I get an email saying the file was denied. As it is, Verizon scans each request that is sent through its servers and if there appears to be any audio file types, it denies it. (dang servers) The savior? Myxertones.com
Myxertones.com is much like Mobile17.com which I have also used, but it said it would take a couple hours for the message to be received and in fact, I never received anything. The same thing was said using Myxertones.com, yet I received my own created ringtone within 20 minutes, sometimes within 10. Myxertones uses a round about way to, for free (except standard text messaging fees), send to your phone your very own created ringtone, or one of their 200,000+ (most free). The site stores all your ringtones in your account, lets you adjust the volume for each, and lets you crop any full length song right within the page. How can you go wrong.
(not a question)
BTW, I am more than willing to create ringtones for anyone who needs. Just let me know.

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