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A poor endorsement, if you will, and yet another blog on igoogle’s homepage experience, igoogle offers a collection of web & computer information all in one place. There are many & countless gadgets one can add to their homepage such as clocks, CPU usage gauges, horoscopes, news headlines, and loads of super geeky add-ons, but in simplicity, I have added practical gadgets to MY igoogle. All who have a google/gmail account know of the “newly” added “themes” which skin your homepage. Personally, I have never found one that suits me in my entirety. Poor thing. This season Google added a few more, but still…kind of blah…until recently. I added the Custom iGoogle Skins Gadget. Click “Add it now” and wallah, I have access to something like 20 different third party igoogle skins. A few of them are seen below in the screenshots.
Also appearing within these screenshots are the other gadgets which I utilize to simplify my life.

  • The Gmail gadget tells me on my homepage if I have mail
  • The Weather gadget, well, tells me the weather in my area or any other area I wish to keep tabs on
  • The Movies section lists what movies are playing in my zip code
  • (I had a DVD gadget which lists the Newly Released movies…)
  • I can display the Time on my homepage, as well as my Google Calendar w/events
  • The Google Reader is one of my favorites and most widely used gadget b/c it pools together RSS feeds (i.e. updates) from select tech sites as well as my friends blogs. (When any of the sites I have added to this Reader update their site with a new blog or article, it displays that update(s) directly on my homepage. This ability is nothing new, and I know I don’t use RSS Feeds to their max capacity, but alas, I use it the way I need to
  • And in the top left, I placed a home-made gadget featuring pictures of my son, which I was able to share with my folks in Michigan