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Apple computer systems are built with a super cool Album Art Screen Saver which utilizes your own iTunes album art work. When the screen saver builds, artwork is gathered at random and displayed on your screen in a grid of boxes, as it were. Every few seconds, one box of artwork flips to reveal another piece of album cover. So on and so forth for as long as someone interrupts this majestic display.
Loving everything mac, and working to convert myself completely one day, I had to have this screensaver. While Googling the net and surveying multiple sites, low and behold I found the Album Art Screen Saver for Windows tucked away, barely noticeable, in a tiny little forum. Today I am bringing out the goods and giving you not a screen shot of what it looks like on my machine, but a direct download to the program. You can thank me later when after you see if for yourself. Check out this file for safe download in my Public Microsoft SkyDrive Folder.