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I thought I would take the time and post a post about the greatness of Firefox. But first I must say a few things about some other browsers. Let’s just start with the oldest of the selection-Internet Explorer.
IE has come a long way, always being THE browser to be built in as a core component of any windows based machine. But even with the adaptation and revolution of the “open source,” IE still hasn’t evolved enough for my liking (there are addons, yes, but it’s not open source enough to get my usage). IE is still needed for some website and applications, one being the Microsoft website itself. If I wanted to download a template, per say, for Publisher, I would need IE…or wait. No. “I will not use Idiot Explorer. I will use Avant.” A light IE based browser. (That’s as close as I get.) I can do everything with Avant that you can do with Internet Ex. Maybe there’s no great advantage to using Avant, but I remember a time recently where IE7 was going nutsO on me for no reason. I am huge on security always running Windows Defender, McAfee and staying away from malicious sites and there wasn’t anything wrong with my system, yet still, not to my surprise, insanity IE. Popups (with the blocker on), crashes, the like. The solution-destroy Internet Explorer-find a hack to remove it from the core components. Then Avant came to my machine and I was happy. I would not have needed it if I wasn’t a techy and always, always finding new templates to make graphical productions.
Opera is actually really cool. I’ve heard a lot about it and it has good reviews, so I downloaded it and ran it next to the supreme browser, Firefox. It’s rated to be fasted of the browsers, and, well, it was. Fast. I found it to be true what the developers say, Opera is “safe, secure, powerful and fully customizable… [It] delivers robust security and a far-richer feature set than any other Web browser and it’s free.” What I liked in addition to the speed was of course tabbed browsing (which is always a given now a days), widgets, fastforward, Voice, skins, Thumbnail preview, and my favorite, The Wand. The Wand I found is an amazing little application-it utilities the browsers password manager and places a Wand icon button on the browser. Go to a site where you have stored login information such as Gmail (the best email program) or iGoogle, click the Wand, and it logs you in automatically.
Since I am kind of one of those people who likes to stick with what he knows, I stay with Firefox. But even though Opera has left my machine, it has not left my mind.

Firefox is fully customizable: skinable, add-onable, usable, a security powerhouse, and the more. The great thing about open source is that anyone can make apps for it. The end user has total control over the application. Can’t beat that. And since it is “Op.Src.” add-ons can be had. In fact, I HAD to have my own “wand” for Firefox. And I found it. It’s called:

  • Secure Login: It places a Key on your button bar and glows yellow when the page you are at has login information on it. Click it and your in.
  • Adblock Plus: Of course you need this to keep the internet sane. Use it to quietly block annoying images, frames, and ads.
  • FasterFox: To make the Fox move like Fire, download and install.
  • FoxyTunes: A must need if you want to control your music playing abilities seamlessly while you surf.
  • Gmail Manager: This application sits in the bottom right part of your Firefox browser and informs you when you have Gmail messages. Manages multiple accounts and even can log you in directly from the application.
  • GSpace: Use all that Gmail Storage for something other than emails. Upload important docs, pictures, etc. and access it anywhere you can access your account.

And of course there any many, many skins. Some of my favorites are Blackx2.0, Aquatint Black, BlackJapaMAX, and PitchDark. Obviously, I like dark browser skins, but there any so much more.
So soon Firefox 3 will be released and the world of browsing will be a better place still. So much to choose from and all sorts of browsing engines out there, but as for me, I will stick with my Firefox. Just check out the facts.
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