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FIX: No Option to Activate Windows

When you fix as many computers as I do, you come across some strange things. When reinstalling Windows, you’ll almost always get a message at first log on that...

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PC Killed by Fake Anti-Virus? Get Help.

In these times, I’m glad to have a Mac. There’s a certain virus going around and it’s really good. It gets the best of people- and you usually don’t...

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Save Windows Icon Location

I’m all about sharing things I find useful,  so writing about this little post about this little app fits right in line. At work, I have all my desktop...

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XP Desktop Icon Annoyance

Sometimes the icons on your desktop will have color behind them, making it SO 1990. And its really not obvious how to change this so there’s NO color, or...

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Your Service is not Needed

Today I needed to delete a service in Windows XP because on this PC there were remains of an old virus- good ‘ol _qbot. Even though you can disable...

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\Shareand Share.alike

Sharing files by email is stupid. Sharing files with Dropbox is nice. But sharing files by UNC path is just plain awesome. WINDOWS: According to Everything Guru Wikipedia, UNC...

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Another Competition: Mac and Windows 7

I just read through this visual posting by Galen Gruman at ITWORLD.com entitled ” The UI challenge: Windows 7 vs Mac OS X”   and it’s very good. Here Gruman...

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How I roll. (syncing calendars)

Syncing calendars may not be your forte, but if you want to stay connected to your schedule at home, at work, and perhaps, at play, then you may want to...

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Everything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

I have been using Windows XP everyday since the beginning of March, where before I was strictly Mac. I grew up being a big Windows user and thought I...

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Don’t Be Fooled by an Apparent Virus

A quick post… In light of all the media this conflicker worm is getting, doomed to hit PCs everywhere starting tomorrow, please be advised. If this IS a real...

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Windows7 Beta on Macbook Pro (2 versions)

I never thought I would install windows on my mac… So I’m a avid slideshow maker and unfortunately, Mac software lacks in this area. On PC I use to...

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Ok, So watch out ’cause this Safari is Quick

The new safari 4.0 beta is insanely fast (thanks to my brother for the heads up). What’s new you ask? Well for starters, there’s a new engine under the...

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