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Contact Form 7 spins

While maintaining one of my websites today, I noticed when I submit the contact form, that the ajax icon at the button would just spin and spin with no...

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How to control your kids music on their ipods

I have four kids. Two of them are old enough (4 and 5) for ipods (I guess) and have recently each received one thanks to their very generous grandma....

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Firefox 11’s New 3D Developer Tools

Firefox 11 just released today and, as a web designer, I’m giddy about their new 3D developer tool for, well, web developers, even if for anything just the sheer...

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Rapid City Web Design

Any business in 2011 that wants to be successful must have a strong web presence. With as much internet access that we have today, all well-to-do, want-to-do-well, businesses have...

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Q & A: Sending large files

I have a file that I need to send to a friend but it appears my email won’t send it. If i can’t email it then how do i...

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Get with Site5: Webhosting with Loads of Features

Among the available web hosting and domain registration companies out there, Site5 stands strong and firm, offering loads of features, stable servers, and great prices. When you’re shopping around...

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Round 2: Fatcow vs BlueHost (The Transfer)

A while back I shared an article entitled Round 1: Fatcow vs BlueHost (Initial Setup) where I discussed some initial differences between my experiences with Fatcow and Bluehost. Well...

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From Around the Web: Collection of Useful Tidbits

Over the past few months, I’ve collected useful tidbits from around the web. Information, tweaks and apps great and small- all of which are equally important but cannot hold...

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MediaBox: New Interface

Last month I successfully installed Windows 7 on a custom PC and hooked it up to my TV so that we can watch Netflix, hulu, and whatever else. I...

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Jolicloud OS Reviewed

These days with the expansion and tweaking of linux, operating systems are a dime a dozen. A few weeks ago, I reviewed Chrome OS, which Google built on linux,...

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More on Pandora: Widget in Dashboard

One of Safari’s “hidden” features (on Mac) is the ability to essentially take any part of a webpage and create a widget in dashboard. Listening to Pandora at home...

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Hulu, You’re So Funny

Since my wife and I recently cut the cable in our house, we’ve been watching our favorite shows like The Office, and recently, V, on Hulu. I really like...

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