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Life in a Computerized Age

We’re all moving, living, and operating around computers. Disks spin. Fans go ’round. Type type type. Send money. Buy goods. Surf. Browse. Crunch numbers. Crunchy keyboards. Blinking lights. Data...

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FindingChurch.net and the 300

Over four million children in Ethiopia are without parents, left to sickness and death when people do not step in. That is why my wife and I have decided...

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The First Days…

After a couple months of waiting, I finally started my day job…probably the best first day a person like me can have. After being shown the ropes, I cleared...

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If Today Was a Dollar

If today was a dollar…I’d have fifty. Earlier I had an interview at a local credit union, and it was a success. New shirt. New tie. Clean pants. Trimmed...

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He does what He needs to do….

Like many, I’m sick of the word change and even sicker of politics on TV & posted in people’s yards. I don’t believe in being anti-political, but you know...

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Somethings New

I know we’re gonna meet someday in the crumbled financial institutions of this land there will be tables and chairs pony rides and dancing bears there’ll even be a...

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