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Firefox 11’s New 3D Developer Tools

Firefox 11 just released today and, as a web designer, I’m giddy about their new 3D developer tool for, well, web developers, even if for anything just the sheer...

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Apple’s OSX Lion is Out

OK, it's old news for sure, but Apple's latest and best operating system is out for downloading. But only downloading. If you haven't heard already, you can't buy the...

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Snap windows with Cinch

Disclaimer: Although in my day job I work with PCs, I am Mac guy through and through (thanks to my wife). With the release of Windows 7, however, there...

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Macgyver your keyboard with Keytweak

I recently had a co-worker ask me if it were possible to change a key on her keyboard to be something else, something more convenient for her daily spreadsheet...

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Clone(zilla) your HDD for Quick Recovery

An oldy but a goody in the world of system backups. I’ve recently stumbled across Clonezilla as an effective way to not only backup the current state of your...

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Remember Y2K with a Secure Backup

So yeah, happy new year! While I’m stuck at work for the rest of the night there’s no better time to talk about securing your Mac with a backup...

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Save Windows Icon Location

I’m all about sharing things I find useful,  so writing about this little post about this little app fits right in line. At work, I have all my desktop...

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Google Chrome OS Reviewed

Google Chrome, the browser, has been out for some time. It offers a spin on browsing- a cleaner, more streamline, google way of browsing. Besides its incredible speed, the...

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Sync BookMarks Across Browsers

Today at work I really wanted to find a way to sync my Firefox bookmarks with the IE8 Favorites. I figured you could do this with Dropbox but all...

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Digital Coloring

Ok, I’m no proclaimed graphic artist, but with what I do create, I often need to use certain colors that are placed here or there on my screen and...

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Get the 411

Getting the full 411 on your computer may proof to be a harder than at first thought, especially when working with older machines or when product labels are wayyyyyy...

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Ok, So watch out ’cause this Safari is Quick

The new safari 4.0 beta is insanely fast (thanks to my brother for the heads up). What’s new you ask? Well for starters, there’s a new engine under the...

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