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Macbook MagSafe Adapter Replacement Program

I bought my Macbook Pro back in the early 2008. It’s been great ever since but this last year, the power adapter stopped working – right before I needed...

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Rapid City Computer Repair

Tech4Eleven is not just a great tech blog, bringing the best in tutorials, fixes, and reviews, it’s also a computer repair and web design business based in Rapid City,...

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17in Macbook Pro Harddrive Replacement

When you live in Rapid City, Fargo, or anywhere in between, your Mac repair choices are slim, even slimmer if the closest town is a good 60 miles away....

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Raising an iMac from the Dead

This is a story of a sick iMac and it’s quick recovery…don’t worry, there are pictures…. I was recently asked to fixed a Mid2007 aluminum iMac. The user reported...

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Ode to Macbook Repair

Hello my name is Cory and I abuse my Macbook Pro. Yes, admittedly I’ve used my early 2008 macbook pro pretty hard, extending the capabilities of its processor speed...

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