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Quickly change wallpaper in OS X

If you are like me and use multiple monitors, you can quickly, and easily I might add, make the wallpaper on all monitors the same. Open “System Preferences” and...

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Save Folder Contents as Text

Prepare yourself – here comes an ultra geeky tip. Say you have this folder chucked full of files and for whatever reason you need a list of all the...

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Been Busy?

Sorry I haven’t updated with any sort of real content lately.  I think I’ve been busy. But I’ll take this time to mention that I’m looking for people who...

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from tech4eleven.com

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Get Past Pandora’s Listening Limit

Pandora, you’re great, but I need you more than how long you offer yourself and…let’s face it, I’m not paying money for any kinda of internet service. Pandora sets...

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\Shareand Share.alike

Sharing files by email is stupid. Sharing files with Dropbox is nice. But sharing files by UNC path is just plain awesome. WINDOWS: According to Everything Guru Wikipedia, UNC...

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Quick Dial to VoiceMail

I hated entering in my so secretive password on my cellular every time I needed to check my voicemail, so I fixed it. Now it’s all automated. I call...

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Be proficient with Microsoft Office Document Scanning

Windows: Tucked away in a small crevice of your Window’s Start Menu resides a powerful, but otherwise relatively unknown tool. Follow the path to Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Office Tools>Microsoft...

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Best of…

I was thinking the other day how I have come across some really useful information over the past months that this website has been live, and I wanted to...

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Hate Spam? I KNOW I DO!!

To start off this simple post topic, I would like to start with a clip from “Garden State:” [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAUvNmecsH8&hl=en] The video is no longer available and thus, the post:...

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Ringtone Madness

For since I can remember, I have been making my very own ringtones for my mobile cellular handheld. All done via a simple yet powerful utility entitled Audacity. Why...

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Free and Fast Business Lookup via GOOGLE

Google has an awesome business directory via Google Maps, but I never expect this. While browsing Google today for a business name, I came across 1-800-GOOG-411. Calling it, I...

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