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Quickly change wallpaper in OS X

If you are like me and use multiple monitors, you can quickly, and easily I might add, make the wallpaper on all monitors the same. Open “System Preferences” and...

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Macbook MagSafe Adapter Replacement Program

I bought my Macbook Pro back in the early 2008. It’s been great ever since but this last year, the power adapter stopped working – right before I needed...

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Apple’s OSX Lion is Out

OK, it's old news for sure, but Apple's latest and best operating system is out for downloading. But only downloading. If you haven't heard already, you can't buy the...

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Apple TV plus Hulu and more

Recently I acquired an Apple TV 2, in all it’s Apple glory – well, actually that’s where this story begins because if you have an Apple TV, you know...

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Save Some RAM: Disable Dashboard

Mac Users: I don’t really use the Dashboard anymore. Let’s face it- it use to be cool right? Ya, I don’t know. So as it goes, even if you...

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Raising an iMac from the Dead

This is a story of a sick iMac and it’s quick recovery…don’t worry, there are pictures…. I was recently asked to fixed a Mid2007 aluminum iMac. The user reported...

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Great Mac Finds: Fine tune your volume

Sometimes you come across a tip that makes you go “Yes! Thank you. I needed that.” (Hopefully that’s what tech4eleven.com brings you regularly.) Today a tip came across my...

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Snap windows with Cinch

Disclaimer: Although in my day job I work with PCs, I am Mac guy through and through (thanks to my wife). With the release of Windows 7, however, there...

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Another Cat’s Outta the Bag: Apple iPad

It’s everywhere now, Apple’s new iPad. 10 inches of Apple quality design and interface goodness. And relatively cheap @ only $499 for the Wi-Fi only 16GB model with the...

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ScreenCast: Quicktime X

Screencast featuring the new Quicktime X in Snow Leopard ScreenCast: QuickTime from cory on Vimeo.

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Remember Y2K with a Secure Backup

So yeah, happy new year! While I’m stuck at work for the rest of the night there’s no better time to talk about securing your Mac with a backup...

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Google Chrome OS Reviewed

Google Chrome, the browser, has been out for some time. It offers a spin on browsing- a cleaner, more streamline, google way of browsing. Besides its incredible speed, the...

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