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ScreenCast: Quicktime X

Screencast featuring the new Quicktime X in Snow Leopard ScreenCast: QuickTime from cory on Vimeo.

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From Around the Web: Collection of Useful Tidbits

Over the past few months, I’ve collected useful tidbits from around the web. Information, tweaks and apps great and small- all of which are equally important but cannot hold...

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MediaBox: New Interface

Last month I successfully installed Windows 7 on a custom PC and hooked it up to my TV so that we can watch Netflix, hulu, and whatever else. I...

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Give Firefox that Sweet Look of Today

The default theme for Firefox has made some nice improvements over the years but it may still seem a little drab in today’s advancing Web 2.0 world. If you...

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Tweets on 2010-01-16

@JasonSalamun we’re back online with propresenter, with some improvements even. we need to test it on the big screen # @JasonSalamun we’re back online with propresenter, with some improvements...

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Tweets on 2010-01-09

just joined @boxee, a new way to enjoy entertainment on your TV & PC. join now at http://www.boxee.tv/signup # Windows 7 the “Fastest Selling Operating System in History” http://lifehacker.com/5442804/...

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The workings of a hackintosh attempt turned windows7 media box

Over the past weeks I have been attempting to “build” a hackintosh (OSX installed on a PC) on the box to the left. In some worlds, this is pretty...

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Tweets on 2010-01-02

From @tuaw: http://www.tuaw.com/2009/12/28/rumor-du-jour-apple-ordering-10-tablet-screens/ # Remember Y2K with a Secure Backup http://tech4eleven.com/Onl0 # Wouldn’t share this usually but I had to. Firework Injury – gives you weak knees be ware...

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Remember Y2K with a Secure Backup

So yeah, happy new year! While I’m stuck at work for the rest of the night there’s no better time to talk about securing your Mac with a backup...

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Tweets on 2009-12-26

contemplating a new Airport extreme base station and networked 1TB drive. and yes…still hacking away @ the hackintosh # Microsoft Security Essentials Ranks as Best-Performing Free Antivirus http://lifehacker.com/5433229/ #antivirus...

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Tweets on 2009-12-19

I’m listening to “They Move On Tracks Of Never-Ending Light” by This Will Destroy You (http://bit.ly/5lQjLQ) #pandora # RT @PotatoPeeler Want to know how many seconds are left in...

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Jolicloud OS Reviewed

These days with the expansion and tweaking of linux, operating systems are a dime a dozen. A few weeks ago, I reviewed Chrome OS, which Google built on linux,...

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