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IE for FF

Since I started my new job, I have been using windows and PCs more often. The sensation is kind of like when you go away to a distant country...

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A Drive in the Sky

cheesy I know… My favorite online software storage home Skydrive (skydrive.live.com) has recently upped the anty to 25 whopping gigs- that’s 20g’s of increased storage. Considering it’s all free,...

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Paths of Finding my Keys

Windows Only: If you happen upon a computer which has previously accessed any number of wireless networks, you can, obviously, easily log on to those networks. However, say, for...

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The First Days…

After a couple months of waiting, I finally started my day job…probably the best first day a person like me can have. After being shown the ropes, I cleared...

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If Today Was a Dollar

If today was a dollar…I’d have fifty. Earlier I had an interview at a local credit union, and it was a success. New shirt. New tie. Clean pants. Trimmed...

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Tricks of the Trade: Current Mac Apps

I’m always reading up on software, tips and tricks for computers. I even compiled a list of my most favorite software tools when I was deep in the Windows...

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Inside the new Macbook

Call me a nerd but I love this video

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Firefox 3.1 beta 1: Faster than ever

Here’s a quick and simple post: I just downloaded Firefox 3.1 Beta 1 (for OSX, of course) and it’s crazy fast. Download.com informs us that the fastest settings are...

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He does what He needs to do….

Like many, I’m sick of the word change and even sicker of politics on TV & posted in people’s yards. I don’t believe in being anti-political, but you know...

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Take it back…Way back (ok, only a few months ago)

I feel bad. I’m sorry I’ve let you down. I’ve been a Mac enthusist since this past April (but wanted to be much earlier than that.) And since then,...

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Be Choosy. Get Mozy.

I don’t have to write a huge article on saving your documents frequently and backing up your files often. There are plently of places for that. And if you’re...

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Tuneup Your iTunes Collection

Windows/Mac: If you’re a music lover like I am, then you have tons of songs piled into iTunes 8. And you most likely have songs entitled “Track1, Track2” and...

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