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Force Firefox to Save Passwords: Simple

This article assumes you’re using Firefox 3 and that you know how to save a bookmark. Some lousy webpages won’t save your passwords, like hotmail, their related sites like...

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little mac additions (or addictions?)

Reviewed here are two of my favorite Mac Additions: GimmeSomeTune (for iTunes) and Lab Tick.

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Mactopia? It truly is a real place

Microsoft- poor guys. Granted they do come up with some pretty cool stuff but I’m just not sure what they’re getting at sometimes. I’ll just come out and say...

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More Software Means Productivity

The move to Mac has been nothing less than exhilarating these last few months… except for one massive set back. By personal stupidity, said macbook pro now holds the...

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Firefox 3: Display richer colors

If you didn’t join the other 8 million citizens of earth on Firefox 3’s HUGE download day this last Tuesday, don’t worry. It’s not too late to click over...

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Best of…

I was thinking the other day how I have come across some really useful information over the past months that this website has been live, and I wanted to...

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In light of certain events, as of late, I have made the cross over to the mac world: 15″ 200HD silver MacBook Pro with OSX Leopard. After spending a...

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Hate Spam? I KNOW I DO!!

To start off this simple post topic, I would like to start with a clip from “Garden State:” [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAUvNmecsH8&hl=en] The video is no longer available and thus, the post:...

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Necessary Utilities A++

PC Maintenance: CCleaner – Cleans up and makes run faster your internet browser, Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files Windows Defender – Protects your computer against...

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War of the Instant Messengers

AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk, Windows Live, ICQ, Jabber, Myspace IM, Gadu-Gadu… what’s the deal? So many Instant Messenger Clients, so little time, so many programs to run at once...

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Anti-Hassle Anti-Virus

Nearly every new Windows PC gets shipped with some sort of Anti-Virus software, usually it’s the memory sucking ‘Norton Suite,’ and it’s plagued with a 60 or 90 day...

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Need some Change?

I have a video on my cell phone, but my computer won’t play it. The file extension is “.3gp” and what I want to do is upload the video...

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